Create NetSuite Groups

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In this  Tutorial of NetSuite Solution provider we are going to show you how to create groups in netsuite.

A group is a set of employees, contacts, customers, partners or vendors. You can create groups of records to communicate with a set of individuals. For example, invite a group to a meeting, or create folders in the File Cabinet for a specific group in your organization.

The groups in NetSuite can be of 2 types… Read the rest

Automate values on inventory adjustment Record in NetSuite

A Customer want to automate few values on the inventory adjustment record here I am writing few updates on how easily you can achieve the customization via User event or Client script.  Here we choose  Adjustment Account, fielded: Account (Select the appropriate account for inventory adjustments. Usually, this will be an expense account. For details on accounts, go to Setup > Accounting > Chart of Accounts.) and

 Adjustment Location Field id: Adjlocation( To select … Read the rest

Some common errors in netsuite CSV import

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  • Some fields did not automatically map as expected

It is expected that the fields from the CSV file will automatically map with NetSuite fields but if the column headers of your file are different from the original column headers, it will not map.It should be the same to map automatically.

  • Multiple values found for a dropdown field that can only take one

Though the value does not contain pipeline character “|”, the Custom Delimiter for … Read the rest

Advanced options in Netsuite csv import

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If you did not visited previous blog on csv import please visit here.

Overwrite Sublist

Your setting for the Overwrite Sublists option affects imports of sublist data when one of the following data handling option buttons is selected: Update, Add or Update. By default, the option is disabled.

  • Overwrite Sublists = True — If you enable the Overwrite Sublists option, the Import Assistant completely replaces all existing sublist values and replaces them with the
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NetSuite CSV Import


CSV import is the most commonly used method for transferring small to medium-sized data sets from other applications into NetSuite. The CSV import process saves time and prevents errors, by submitting data in a CSV (comma-separated value) file. This data can add or update many records at one time, avoiding the need for manual data entry.

Important Things to take care while preparing csv file for data import

  1. Always take the export file of
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NetSuite Celigo Integration

In Integration of NetSuite with another Ecommerce Channel like Shopify or BigCommerce there is a need of a middleware that must be reliable and scalable. The integration should be flawless and seamless in a way that it can handle multiple request at the same time synchronously. After suggesting comparison-based study on different Middleware’s available in the market we suggested Celigo IPaaS to our one of premium Ecommerce Client. They have challenges of maintaining concurrency of … Read the rest

Call MapReduce from another server side script in netsuite

Map/reduce scripts can be submitted for processing on an on-demand basis from another server-side script. You can submit a deployment this way by using the task.ScheduledScriptTask API. For the call to be successful, the Status field on the script deployment record must be set to Not Scheduled.

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Formula In NetSuite Saved Search

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As a NetSuite solution provider this time we are showing how to add a formula  in the saved search and groupby result as per the requirement

In daily interaction with our customer most of the NetSuite solution provider will definitely face situations where client if curious about presentation of data.

A saved search is a reusable search definition, that can have many advanced search filters and results display options. If you have the Publish Search … Read the rest

NetSuite Debugger

Please follow the below steps for debugging in netsuite. Use the below mentioned script for practice by netsuite solution provider


function execute(){
    var searchObj = search.load({id:'customsearch5801'});
    var searchResult =,999);
    var length = searchResult.length;
    execute: execute



//function execute(){
    var searchObj = search.load({id:'customsearch5801'});
    var searchResult =,999);
    var length = searchResult.length;
    execute: execute


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SuiteAnalytics workbook in netsuite.

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As a netsuite solution provider we are here to give you brief about SuiteAnalytics Workbook. SuiteAnalytics Workbook is a new analytical tool available in NetSuite.

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What we can do With SuiteAnalytics Workbook, as a netsuite solution provider we recommend you to read each steps and then perform same as … Read the rest