Adding Lookup in HTTP Request body

Adding Lookup in HTTP Request body

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Import mapping defines how your source data relates to your import destination record data. During mapping, lookup in the field mapping settings is used to retrieve additional data from the same destination system.

In field-to-field mapping, you can add lookups from the settings.

But, when you are using HTTP Request Body to map your data, Things are different.

Here, you need to separately create lookup codes and call them in your request body.

To add lookup in your request,

  1. Go to the “manage lookup” in your request body page and create a new lookup
  1. To configure your lookup, you need to provide
  • Relative URI –  The resource path portion of an API endpoint. This relativeURI combines with baseURI make the API call
  • HTTP Method – HTTP method to use when performing the lookup query. 
  • Resource identifier path – Enter the JSON path in the lookup response body where the expected lookup value, to be set in the import application, will be found, such as “products[0].name”
  • Name – An unique name to identify this lookup
  1. You can reference data retrieved from existing lookups in a flow with the following handlebars syntax – {{lookup ‘<lookup name>’ this}}