Celigo Fundamentals: Profile and Account Settings

Celigo Fundamentals: Profile and Account Settings

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 Fundamentals: Profile and Account Settings 

Integratorio has two types of account, Account owner and Individual users.

The screenshot shows an Account Owner because there is no account shown with the Account owner label. The Account owner will be specified if the logged in user was an Individual user. When we click the My account button, allows to see the details about the integratorio account. 

In the profile section, we can view the profile, edit email address, change password, change the role etc.

In the Users tab we can see which users have already been invited to the account, what their status is and can invite new users. 

To invite new users, click the Invite user link,

Enter the email address of the user to be invited. Select the access level. Here there are different access levels,

Administer account means the user has all the same permissions as an account owner, but can’t transfer account ownershipManage All Integration which means they can Edit or create Integration within their account. Monitor All Integration which means they can view integration within their account, Monitor/Manage Selected Integrations which specify Monitor or manage on selected Integration within their account.

If Monitor/Manage Selected Integrations is selected, we need to specify the Integrations to manage and Integrations to monitor, which is a list of the integration.

Filling all these and clicking the Save button invites the specified user.

In the Subscription tab we can see what subscription this account has, how many remaining flows are there in the subscription, sandbox if any exist. 

Under the Audit Log can view what all changes are made and who made it in the account.

Under the Transfer tab we can transfer integrations from

one account to another integratorio account. 

Individual users can access only the Profile tab, view their profile.