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As a NetSuite solution provider this time we are showing how to add a formula  in the saved search and groupby result as per the requirement

In daily interaction with our customer most of the NetSuite solution provider will definitely face situations where client if curious about presentation of data.

A saved search is a reusable search definition, that can have many advanced search filters and results display options. If you have the Publish Search permission, you can share search results with other users. Saved search results provide reporting and tracking and can serve as the basis for business analysis and strategic decision-making.

Open any Item savedsearch and in the criteria tab put any date which ever you want to analyse

To display Item’s Parent Name only on Saved Searches, users may use a Formula in the results tab of their item search.

Step 1) Go to Results tab, then go to Columns subtab

Step 2) Select Formula(Text) from the Field dropdown list

Step 3) Set the following formula:


the formula is trimming the string after the colon

Step 4) Group by display name

Step 5) Enter formula numeric type for average cost of the item

Step 6) Click Add, then hit Save

NetSuite Saved search using formula

You can see all the 3 columns displaying result as desired . first column only parent name , second column display name group by and in the, third column average cost .

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