NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Enhancements

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In this tutorial of NetSuite by your NetSuite Solution provider we are briefing about the SuiteCloud Platform enhancements by netsuite For developers working with the SuiteCloud development platform, things are about to get easier, faster and more collaborative.

NetSuite has recently made some key enhancements to the platform including the release of new SuiteCloud processors which should be welcome news for customers and partners alike. Traditionally, developers and end users have been frustrated with project … Read the rest

Client Script to Display a Saved Search’s result in a popup using inline html.

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Problem Statement

Suppose has some custom record and they want to populate the saved search’s result in a popup dialog alert for a quick reference, as there business has lots of customization depending on their business use case. Additionally, an inline-HTML-created table will be used in containing the search results for better display.


In Below approach for displaying the popup dialog alert, triggered on pageInit function of client script . The script will … Read the rest

In User Event Script passing a variable as a function parameter to a referenced Client Script.

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Problem Statement

in this tutorial we are showing two scripts interaction with each other. There was a Customer working in the sales order customization, wants to pass a value from their User Event script to a referenced Client Script so that it can be used for further processing within the Client Script. The Client Script will be triggered by a button that was created by the User Event script on beforeLoad.


Declare A variable … Read the rest

N/Runtime Module in NetSuite

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In this tutorial we are telling about the N/Runtime module of SuiteScript 2.0 and its usage. Firstly Load the runtime module when you want to view runtime settings for the script, the session, or the user. You can also use this module to set a session key and to see whether a particular feature is enabled in your account.

Some Important Objects and there usage

runtime.Script  (Encapsulates the runtime settings of the currently executing script.)… Read the rest

Join using SuiteScript 2.0 and ‘N/search’ Module

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Load the search module to create and run on-demand or saved searches and analyse and iterate through the search results. You can use this module to do the following:

  • Search for a single record using keywords
  • Create and save searches
  • Load and run previously saved searches
  • Search for duplicate records
  • Return a set of records that match filter criteria you define

Use Case

Suppose we have a situation where User wants to load and … Read the rest

NetSuite saved search for Sales Order without Invoice/Cash Sale

In this blog of netsuite training from the netsuite solution provider thesmilingcoders, we are showing you
How to create saved search for all the sales order without invoice/Cash sales. Below is the following steps for this netsuite training.

step 1) Saved search -> New -> Transaction

Step 2) Criteria -Standard -Filter: Type is Sales Order ; Main line is False

Step 3) Criteria -Summary -Summary type (Count) ; Field(Billing … Read the rest

SuiteScript 2.0 working with subrecords

In this netsuite training we as a netsuite solution provider come with Subrecords. Subrecords represent a way of storing data in NetSuite. Like records, subrecords are classified by type. Some common types of subrecord include address, inventory detail, and order schedule.

Each subrecord type has a different purpose and includes different fields. For example:

  • An address subrecord stores an address. It has fields such as city, state, and zip.
  • An order schedule subrecord represents
Read the rest

NetSuite Workflow series#2

If you did not visited Series#1 of workflow. I recommend you to click here. As a NetSuite solution provider this time we will give you reference of Scheduled workflow in the NetSuite. In this part of NetSuite training blog we are introducing how to initiate workflow. If your NetSuite implementation require complex scheduling.

In this NetSuite training blog the workflow runs on a recurring basis at defined time intervals or on a one-time basis … Read the rest

NetSuite WorkFlow Series#1

In this NetSuite training blog as a NetSuite solution provider we are greeting all with workflow series for beginners. In NetSuite Implementation and NetSuite customization we use Suite Flow to create and execute workflows in NetSuite. A workflow is the definition of a custom business process for a standard or custom record in NetSuite. Business processes can include transaction approval, lead nurturing, and record management. A workflow defines and automates the business process.

NetSuiteRead the rest

REST Web Services in NetSuite 2020 Release 1

In this blog of NetSuite Training and NetSuite Support we come up with REST , In 2020 NetSuite is available for REST web services that enable external applications to securely integrate with NetSuite, and includes support for custom records, expanded CRUD (Create, Read, Update Delete) operations, record collection filtering, and executable Record Actions.

As a netsuite solution provider we want to introduce about REST in this netsuite training blog

Representational state transfer is a software … Read the rest

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