Netsuite Shortcuts That Will Save Your Time

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1 ) KeyBoard ShortCuts : 

  • Mass Delete Records in Netsuite: You can Mass Delete records in Netsuite using a keyboard shortcut. To do this, the record shouldn’t have any related records. To achieve this,
    • Go To List of records.
  • Enable Inline Edit
  • Hold the shift key and Click on the first record you want to delete.
  • Then, click on the last record you want to delete
  • Enter backspace, then give the confirmation.
  • Access Global Search
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Best Practices For Using Searches in SuiteScript

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  1. Avoid the practice of using searches per individual line item :

Using searches per individual line item reduces the efficiency of the script. Instead, build an array to hold the list of item records and use that as the filter. This way one search can be executed for all the records instead of performing individual searches per line.

  1. Avoid loading the record of each search result :

When a search is performed, avoid the API … Read the rest

Use Salesforce Listener In Celigo

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During export data from salesforce via celigo, there are two methods to achieve it. 

  1. Realtime – To fetch data in real-time from salesforce, we use salesforce listener as export
  2. On-Demand – To fetch data from salesforce on-demand, we use SOQL(Salesforce Object Query Language) query as the export method.

Salesforce real-time data fetch

  1. Select salesforce as your source application, and select your export method as ‘Listen for real-time data from source application’ 
  1. On the
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How to add delay in celigo flows

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As we all know, the Celigo flow executes step by step. Once it completes a step flow moves to the next step and will start to execute it. However, in some scenarios, we may need to delay the execution of these steps. Javascript hooks will give an error if you try to add delays. So, It’s not possible to add delay logic in celigo itself. We can achieve this by triggering Netsuite scripts from celigo.… Read the rest

Useful Chrome Extensions for Netsuite

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Chrome extensions are used to add new functionality to your browser. There are several extensions available for Netsuite developers,consultants and users to improve their interaction with Netsuite. You can add an extension to your chrome browser as follows.

Go to google chrome store ( -> In the search bar enter the keywords for the extension -> select the extension -> Click on Add to Chrome button.

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Advanced PDF Templates in Netsuite

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The Advanced PDF/HTML Templates feature supports an alternative model for customizing printed and emailed transactions. This model supports more customization capabilities than transaction form layouts, also known as basic layouts.

Enabling advanced PDF/HTML template:   

Setup -> Company- > Enable Features

2022-12-08 (16)

On the Suite Cloud tab, under Suite Builder, ensure that the Advanced PDF/HTML Templates box is checked.

Printing types:

Basic: Associate basic PDF layouts and HTML layouts with the custom form.images are not … Read the rest

Developing a Custom GL Lines plug-in implementation

Custom GL Lines plug-in implementations in Netsuite are used to modify the GL entries for transactions. Following are the basic steps that need to be followed to develop plug-in implementation of the Custom GL Lines plug- in:

Enable Features : First, we need to enable  Custom GL Lines Plug-in and Server Suitescript features. To do this,

Setup > Company > Enable Features under Suitecloud tab enable Server SuiteScript, Custom GL Lines features by clicking on … Read the rest

Create Item Receipt From Inbound Shipment (Script)

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  • Inbound Shipment record
  • When receive button is clicked,receive inbound shipment record is formed
  • Created item receipt can be found in the related transaction field of corresponding purchase order.

Transfering Files To FTP Server using Suitescript

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In simple terms, FTP is a communication protocol that enables users to share files between systems. We can do this in Netsuite using Suitescript. Following is a sample code that can be used to upload file from Netsuite to the FTP server,

var fileObj = file.load({id: 271});

var FTPurl = ‘’;

var FTPusername = ‘demo’;

var passwordGuid = ‘7a8812d753a94399996e007f965ac462’;

var hostKey = “AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEAkRM6RxDdi3uAGogR3nsQMpmt43X4WnwgMzs8VkwUCqikewxqk4U7EyUSOUeT3CoUNOtywrkNbH83e6/yQgzc3M8i/eDzYtXaNGcKyLfy3Ci6XOwiLLOx1z2AGvvTXln1RXtve+Tn1RTr1BhXVh2cUYbiuVtTWqbEgErT20n4GWD4wv7FhkDbLXNi8DX07F9v7+jH67i0kyGm+E3rE+SaCMRo3zXE6VO+ijcm9HdVxfltQwOYLfuPXM2t5aUSfa96KJcA0I4RCMzA/8Dl9hXGfbWdbD2hK1ZQ1pLvvpNPPyKKjPZcMpOznprbg+jIlsZMWIHt7mq2OJXSdruhRrGzZw==”;

var conn = sftp.createConnection({

‘username’: FTPusername,

‘passwordGuid’: passwordGuid,

‘url’: FTPurl,

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Customizing Address Forms In Netsuite

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Custom address forms can be used to support address format localization for international customers, and unique business requirements for all customers. A standard address form is provided for all accounts and assigned by default to all countries. Account administrators and other users with the Custom Address Form permission can create as many customized versions of the address form as needed, and assign each custom address form to one or more countries.

When users view or … Read the rest