Some Useful Features of 2021.1

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In this blog we are sharing some important features which are introduced in latest release of netsuite.

Invoice Groups Feature Enhancements

There are two new enhancements to the Invoice Groups feature:

1) The Add to Group button appears on the invoice record when an invoice is eligible for grouping.

You can now add an invoice to an invoice group from the invoice record. If an invoice is eligible for

grouping, an Add to Group but

2) You can now add invoices not associated with a sales order to an invoice group.

NetSuite now provides the ability to group an invoice that does not have an associated sales order.

This enhancement lets you group invoices for projects and subscriptions. It also allows you to group

imported invoices.

Advanced Numbering

In NetSuite 2021.1, the new Advanced Numbering feature enables you set up flexible document and

transaction numbering that reflect the requirements of the countries you do business in. With this

feature, you can create multiple complex numbering sequences per transaction type, fiscal year, and

other selected criteria.transaction number sequence when a new fiscal year begins or when you create different types of transactions.

Changes to Name and Display Name Fields on Account

In 2021.1, the account record’s Name field and its localized versions no longer display their associated

account number. Instead, only the Display Name field and its localized versions display the account

number if the Use Account Numbers preference is set. This change improves consistency in the behavior

of these fields.

Advanced Localization Features

The Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp enables you to create localized printable invoices and credit

memos that comply with tax regulations and meet common business needs.

With the Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp, you can:

1) Benefit from two advanced PDF/HTML templates (for invoices and credit memos).

2) Fill in additional fields added to subsidiary and customer records. The content of these fields is then used on printed transaction forms.

3) Create transaction bank details records with the content to be used on printed invoices or credit

memos. These records can be assigned to subsidiaries, customers, or individual transactions.

4) Create method of payment records to specify the texts to be printed (at customer or transaction level).

5) Create tax compliance text records with tax-related texts.

6) Customize your template’s color scheme and layout.

7) Replace the default texts with your customized texts (for every supported language).

8) Set the invoice locking level for each subsidiary. This action prevents users from editing invoices that have already been approved or sent to a customer

Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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