Email Search Results in CSV File using SuiteScript

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You can export the result of a saved search to a CSV file in the User Interface by clicking on the Export (CSV) link on the list of Saved Searches, however, this requires User interaction requiring the User to log in and initiate this process.Furthermore, Scheduled Scripts provide more frequency options than the options available when sending the search results in the User Interface.

Using a Scheduled Script, Suitescript 2.0 with the sample code below, a Customer search is created and its result are stored in a CSV file and sent as an attachment in an email to a specified recipient.


 *@NApiVersion 2.0

 *@NScriptType ScheduledScript


define([‘N/file’, ‘N/search’,’N/record’,’N/email’],

function(file,search,record,email) {

function sendEmail() {

              //creating search

              var myCustomerSearch = search.create({

                             type: search.Type.CUSTOMER,

                             columns: [{

                                           name: ‘internalid’

                             }, {

                                           name: ’email’

                             }, {

                                           name: ‘phone’


                             filters: [{

                                           name: ‘lastname’,

                                           operator: ‘startswith’,

                                           values: [‘s’]



              var myContent = ”;

              //looping through search result



              var internalID = result.getValue({

                             name: ‘internalid’


              var email = result.getValue({

                             name: ’email’


              var phone = result.getValue({

                            name: ‘phone’


              myContent += internalID + ‘,’ + email + ‘,’ + phone + ‘\n’;

           return true;


      //creating CSV file

              var fileObj = file.create({

                                           name: ‘test.csv’,

                                           fileType: file.Type.CSV,

                                           contents: myContent


     //sending email


                             author: <author>,

                             recipients: <recipient>,

                             subject: ‘Test Sample Email Module’,

                             body: <email body>,

                             attachments: [fileObj],

                             relatedRecords: {

                             entityId: <entityid>






              execute: sendEmail



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