SuiteCloud Development Framework 2021.1 Release

SuiteCloud Development Framework 2021.1 Release

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SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is a development framework and deployment mechanism. Customers and partners can use SDF to create customization projects for internal use within their organizations or for commercial distribution. For more information about SDF, see the help topic SuiteCloud Development Framework Overview. For a complete list of custom records and customizations that are supported by SDF, see the help topic Customizations Supported by SuiteCloud Development Framework.

NetSuite 2021.1 includes the following enhancements to SDF features:

New Installation Preferences Configuration for Script Deployments in SuiteApp Projects

We can now configure the behavior you want to apply to fields customized in script deployments. We can preserve your fields and their values, or you can overwrite them with updates from the SuiteApp they belong to. The new overwriting.xml file in the InstallationPreferences folder in SuiteApp projects lets you set up the preferences you want to apply for script deployments.

 The following options are available:

OVERWRITE — The fields configured in your SuiteApp project are overwritten by the changes introduced with updates from the SuiteApp.

PRESERVE — The fields configured in your SuiteApp project are preserved and are not overwritten by the changes introduced with updates from the SuiteApp.

We can validate and deploy your SuiteApp project even if your project does not include the overwriting.xml file.

Feature Dependency Enhancements For SDF Custom Objects

Our users can now fully install an SDF SuiteApp when some of its NetSuite features are not enabled in the target account. If the account administrator later enables those features, the relevant custom objects become available to your SuiteApp’s users. This functionality is available for a limited subset of SDF custom objects, which you can include in your SDF SuiteApp

Users can install such SDF SuiteApps without encountering warnings or errors about missing features. For the list of custom objects that support this feature dependency enhancement, see the help topic Enhanced Feature Dependencies for SDF Custom Objects.

Translatable Fields Enhancements

We can now reuse a Translation Collection string in multiple translatable fields within your SDF SuiteApp. Reusing translation strings reduces development time and avoids duplicating manual work.

Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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