NetSuite Rest API ….

NetSuite Rest API ….

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The NetSuite REST web services provide an integration channel that extends the capabilities of SuiteTalk. REST web services provide a REST-based interface for interacting with NetSuite.

Using REST web services, we can:

Use CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations to perform business processing on NetSuite records and to navigate dynamically between records.

REST Web Services URL Schema and Account Specific URLs You can only access REST web services using account-specific domains. Account-specific domains are unique to your account because they contain your account ID as part of the domain name. These domains do not change when your account is moved to a different data center.

When using account-specific domains, dynamic domain discovery is not needed. The format of an account-specific domain name is the following:

For example, if your account ID is 123456, your account-specific domain for REST web services is:

We can find the service URL for SuiteTalk (SOAP and REST web services) at Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Company Information, on the Company URLs subtab. When you build a client application, you must ensure that the service URL is a configurable parameter

Working with Resource Metadata The REST API consists of a dynamic schema that is described by the metadata catalog. The metadata catalog serves as the API schema defining the contract, similarly to WSDL and XSD files in SOAP web services. Using the metadata catalog, you can dynamically discover the API, including all available resources, the format and values of input and output, the supported HTTP methods and HTTP query parameters.

Create journal entries via REST API also known as REST Web Services

See JSON sample below for a sample body for the body of the request:


                               “line”:{ //This represents the Lines subtab

                                              “items”:[ //This represents each line item under the Lines subtab


                                                                            “account”:”133″, //This represents the Account the line item is going to go into

                                                                            “debit”: 2.00 //This represents the the Amount for the line item




                                                                            “credit”: 2.00





Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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