Create NetSuite Groups

Create NetSuite Groups

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In this  Tutorial of NetSuite Solution provider we are going to show you how to create groups in netsuite.

A group is a set of employees, contacts, customers, partners or vendors. You can create groups of records to communicate with a set of individuals. For example, invite a group to a meeting, or create folders in the File Cabinet for a specific group in your organization.

The groups in NetSuite can be of 2 types

# 1 Dynamic group

In dynamic group you must create a saved search and pull all records of that search during the time of creation.

# 2 static group

In a static a static group in which you can directly find the name of the entity and select that and create a group .

And you can further use that group for marketing campaign and other proposes.

With groups you can do the following:

  • Invite everyone in a group to the same event.
  • Use the shared calendar to see when the group meets or has other scheduled events.
  • Create folders in the File Cabinet that only group members can view.
  • Assign cases, leads, and support or sales territories to groups if the Support Group or Sales Group box is checked on the group record.
  • If you use the Marketing Automation feature, customer, lead and prospect groups can be selected as target groups for marketing campaigns. You also send email, mail or faxes in bulk to a group using the Mail Merge feature. You can divide groups into marketing test cells that enable you to test different versions of a marketing template.
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In our next video we will show how to create a dynamic group

Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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