Developing a Custom GL Lines plug-in implementation

Developing a Custom GL Lines plug-in implementation

Custom GL Lines plug-in implementations in Netsuite are used to modify the GL entries for transactions. Following are the basic steps that need to be followed to develop plug-in implementation of the Custom GL Lines plug- in:

Enable Features : First, we need to enable  Custom GL Lines Plug-in and Server Suitescript features. To do this,

Setup > Company > Enable Features under Suitecloud tab enable Server SuiteScript, Custom GL Lines features by clicking on the checkbox, agree for terms and conditions.

Click Save.

Create Script File : 

Create a javascript file that includes logic for your Custom GL Lines. Following is a sample code which adds a credit and a debit custom line.

Add the plug -in implementation : In the next step, we will be adding plug-in implementation using the above file. The script file can be added,

  Customizations > Plug-ins > Plug-in Implementations>New

In the Script file field, add the above javascript file.

Then click on Create Plug-in Implementation.

In the next page, select Custom GL Lines Plug -in.

In the next page, fill the necessary fields.

Click on Save.

Configure Custom GL Lines Plug-in Implementation :  In the next step, click on the configure button to configure the plug-in.

Select necessary transactions and Subsidiary. 

Then Click on Save.

Enabling the Custom GL Lines Plug-in Implementation: After Clicking on Save button, the following page will appear.

Check on the Plug-in Implementation that you want to enable and click on Save.

Test the Plug-in Implementation:  Finally, we will be testing the Plug – in implementation to make sure it works as per our logic. The above Plug-in implementation was configured on a Sales Order to add a credit and debit account line with amount values as 20. The testing can be done either by creating a Sales Order or by Editing and saving the transaction.

GL can be viewed, by clicking on Actions > GL Impact on the Sales Order.

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