Customizing Address Forms In Netsuite

Customizing Address Forms In Netsuite

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Custom address forms can be used to support address format localization for international customers, and unique business requirements for all customers. A standard address form is provided for all accounts and assigned by default to all countries. Account administrators and other users with the Custom Address Form permission can create as many customized versions of the address form as needed, and assign each custom address form to one or more countries.

When users view or edit addresses on the entity, transaction, subsidiary, company information, location, and workplace records, the custom address form assigned to the selected country is the one that displays in the popup address window.

To create a custom address form:

  1. Go to Customization > Forms > Address Forms, and click Customize for the standard address form.

Customizing the standard address form will allow you to create a new custom address form.

2.   On the Fields subtab, You can change your existing field properties. When you click on New Field, you will be taken to a new page where you can create your field.

After providing all necessary field values, On the Applies To tab, you can choose if the field needs to be applied on all the custom address forms/you can choose specific custom address forms.

3.    After creating the address field, Edit your custom form, on the country tab you can assign the custom address form to one or more countries

Your field is now available in the address form for the countries you specified.

If you want your field displayed on the address template on your records, You need to specify it on the Address Template in the custom form