Suite Commerce Advanced 2020.2 (Series 1)

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In latest release of Suite Commerce Advanced we will be discussing about the new features and the ways to customize the Advanced Site.

The SuiteCommerce Advanced is divided in 3 components:

Core SCA :

The main components and models providing out of the box functionality to new users and developers. The Core SCA code is packed with all the available modules and there features. The core SCA developer tools let you customize the application from … Read the rest

NetSuite Infra Security and data management.

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Whenever we talk to new potential client for any ERP implementation , they always have a question and curiosity about Cloud Security. Cloud security and the reliability on SAAS is always a must ask questionnaire from the client and being a netsuite solution provider we have to be prepared for the suitable answer which give them confidence over technology and infrastructure both.

Talking about NetSuite:  NetSuite Provides Enterprise-Class Data Management, Security and Availability

As the … Read the rest

Record Catalog in NetSuite

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In this tutorial of smiling coders we are going to show the Record Catalog which is release in new release of 2020.The Records Catalog is a contextual reference tool that describes the NetSuite model structure and behavior. This tool supports users in developing integrations, adopting new features, and learning about the NetSuite model. Within the Records Catalog, you can find information about the record types and fields available for specific NetSuite channels. This dynamic NetSuite … Read the rest

New Module ‘N/recordContext’ for Localization

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In this tutorial we are going to share information about New module introduces in NetSuite. The N/recordContext module is introduced in NetSuite 2020.2. You can use this new method and enum to determine which country a script is using for execution. Use the N/recordContext Module to get all the available context types of the record, such as localization. The localization context type indicates which country a script is using for execution. You can also … Read the rest

Mass Update in NetSuite

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In this tutorial of smiling coders we are looking into Mass update of netsuite. In this tutorial we are showing you how to update custom record using mass update. Then go to general update and select custom record which you already created. In my case I am updating Custom record name Training Po , after selecting Training PO a search like UI appears. In the Sub tab Mass Update fields we can select the field … Read the rest

Restlet using NLAUTH in NetSuite

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In this tutorial of smiling coders we are going to share you how to write your first Restlet script.

You can see this is the restlet with get function having record type and record id on record load and context is passing it to function. Restlet has 2 url one external and one internal. The restlet script shown here will return you the record data in response. Here we are using customer record with id … Read the rest

User Event on Sales Order to get Item record (Sublist) Details.

Script to get Values of Sales Order and load the Item to get sublist value of Item Record.

Use Case: In this example we are going to write a user event script which will be deployed on Sales order and getting the field values of Sales order and line items values of sales order. After storing the item ids in a variable the script is loading the items to get the Item vendor details from … Read the rest

Print SearchResult in CSV in NetSuite SuiteScript 2.0

The file Module helps us to do lots of thing in the NetSuite

Load the file module when you want to work with files within NetSuite. We can use this module to upload files to the NetSuite File Cabinet. You can also use this module to send files as attachments without uploading them to the File Cabinet.

file.create(options) : Method used to create a new file in the NetSuite File Cabinet.

file.delete(options) : Method used … Read the rest

Advanced options in Netsuite csv import

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If you did not visited previous blog on csv import please visit here.

Overwrite Sublist

Your setting for the Overwrite Sublists option affects imports of sublist data when one of the following data handling option buttons is selected: Update, Add or Update. By default, the option is disabled.

  • Overwrite Sublists = True — If you enable the Overwrite Sublists option, the Import Assistant completely replaces all existing sublist values and replaces them with the
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