Decoding N/cache Module in Netsuite Series #1

Decoding N/cache Module in Netsuite Series #1

As we all know that the cache plays an important role In Performance as netsuite solution provider we usually perform lots of operation where the call of the script from browser to server and vice a versa. So more importantly to increase the speed of the processing data cache come into the picture which is important for netsuite training perspective.

In NetSuite implementation and netsuite support  N/Cache module Load the cache module to enable temporary, short-term storage of data. Data is stored in the cache according to its specified time to live, or ttl. The ttl is specified in the Cache.put(options) method options.ttl parameter. The cache module is supported by all server-side script types. Using a cache improves performance by eliminating the need for scripts in your account to retrieve the same piece of data more than one time.

As we can create a cache that is accessible at any of three levels: A cache can be available

(1) to the current script only, 

(2) to all server-side scripts in the current bundle, or

 (3) to all server-side scripts in your NetSuite account.

Almost every web server has some cache settings in header responses by default , but it isn’t clear what we get if there are no cache policies. A cache (web cache or HTTP cache) is a component that stores HTTP responses temporarily so that it can be used for subsequent HTTP requests as long as it meets certain conditions.

Without cache control settings, the browser goes to the web server for every request for resources and reads information from it. This increases load times of the affected site, adds extra load to your web server when transferring information, and increase the number of calls to your backend.


Retrieves a string value from the cache. The value retrieved is identified by a key that you pass by using the options.key parameter. If a requested value is not present in the cache, the system calls the function identified by the options.loader parameter. This userdefined function should provide logic for retrieving a value that is not in the cache.

var myCache = cache.getCache({ name: ‘temporaryCache’, scope: cache.Scope.PRIVATE });

var myValue = myCache.get({ key: ‘keyText’, loader: loader, ttl: 18000 });In our next series of cache we will explore more about cache……

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