Dynamic group in NetSuite

Dynamic group in NetSuite

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In this tutorial blog of NetSuite solution provider we are discussing about dynamic group. A group is a set of employees, contacts, customers, partners or vendors. You can create groups of records to communicate with a set of individuals. For example, invite a group to a meeting, or create folders in the File Cabinet for a specific group in your organization.

With groups you can do the following:

  • Invite everyone in a group to the same event.
  • Use the shared calendar to see when the group meets or has other scheduled events.
  • Create folders in the File Cabinet that only group members can view.
  • Assign cases, leads, and support or sales territories to groups if the Support Group or Sales Group box is checked on the group record.

Dynamic groups – Dynamic group membership changes to include anyone who meets the group’s criteria. With the help of Dynamic Group you can run your Campaigns and marketing newsletters efficiently

NetSuite Dynamic Group

For example, you can set search criteria to create a group of all employee sales reps. When a new sales rep is hired, the rep automatically becomes a member of this dynamic group. When a sales rep takes a position in another department, that rep is removed from the group automatically. Whenever you use the Mail Merge feature to send bulk email to this dynamic group, NetSuite uses the search criteria to determine the current group members.

Steps to create dynamic group Go to Lists > Relationships > Groups > New.

  1. On the Create Group page, choose Dynamic.
  2. Choose the kind of members you would like this group to contain.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Enter a name for this group.
  5. Select an existing saved search in the Saved Search list.

Owners for dynamic groups and saved searches are configured separately. Only the owner of the saved search can save changes when editing a saved search.

Restricted groups cannot be marked private. Restricted groups can only be used by members of the group you select in the Restrict To field.

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