NetSuite supporting business throughout the course of this pandemic

NetSuite supporting business throughout the course of this pandemic

While everyone across the world continues to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, Oracle NetSuite is committed to supporting your business throughout the course of this pandemic and to provide continuity of service at all times. In the time of pandemic there are certain technologies which are helping people and organizations running their business seamlessly without any barrier and restrictions.

In this difficult time we realize that the potential of best technology. In this blog I am throwing light on the robust and efficient solution which is helping clients running there business without any problem.

As a NetSuite Solution provider I am trying to some up couple of points which proves NetSuite as a leader and the Best cloud at this difficult time where all the places are shutdown including many organizations and Industries which are affected because of Lockdown how NetSuite is enabling its community of developers as well as netsuite solution provider which are delivering the solution efficiently with the capability of cloud.

Because of netsuite developers and netsuite consultants are able to work from home and helping clients to smoothly run the business as much as possible. Just imagine if its not Cloud and we are in the age of on-premises where lockdown is there at that point of time its really difficult for remote working and managing the servers from home which is not at all possible.

Some Questions keeping rolling in the Mind

Impact on Cloud

Oracle NetSuite remains committed to meeting its service level agreements for cloud services. It has designed an industry leading SaaS application for maximum availability and resilience

Business continuity

Oracle have specific plans based on the nature of impacts possible to our business operations. Oracle maintains a robust business continuity management program reviewed on an annual basis

Updates on COVID-19 from Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite will advise you of any important service notifications via your standard account contacts and communication channels.

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