New Module ‘N/recordContext’ for Localization

New Module ‘N/recordContext’ for Localization

In this tutorial we are going to share information about New module introduces in NetSuite. The N/recordContext module is introduced in NetSuite 2020.2. You can use this new method and enum to determine which country a script is using for execution. Use the N/recordContext Module to get all the available context types of the record, such as localization. The localization context type indicates which country a script is using for execution. You can also use the N/recordContext module to create conditional statements within a script so that the script behaves differently based on the context.

Inshort our long wait is over not we can handle the situation based on the location/localization.

recordContext.getContext(options) – Returns the record context object for a record.

recordContext.ContextType – Holds the values for the context type. In this release, the context type localization is supported.


 *@NApiVersion 2.x


// This example calls the getContext() API with options recordType, recordId and  record. Here we are //calling  ‘recordContext’ module

require([‘N/record’, ‘N/recordContext’],

    function(record, recordContext) {

        // Create record

        var employee = record.create({

            type : record.Type.EMPLOYEE,

            isDynamic: true


        // Setup CA subsidiary

        employee.setValue(‘subsidiary’, 2);

        employee.setValue(‘entityid’, ‘test_emp_’ +

        employeeId =

        // getContext() with options recordType, recordId and contextTypes

//returning the information related to localozation

        var employeeContext = recordContext.getContext({

            recordType : record.Type.EMPLOYEE,

            recordId: employeeId,

            contextTypes: [recordContext.ContextType.LOCALIZATION]



         // expected log will list {“localization”:[“CA”]}

         // Change employee subsidiary to AU

         employee.setValue(‘subsidiary’, 3);

        // getContext() with options record and contextTypes

        var employeeContext = recordContext.getContext({

            record : employee,

            contextTypes: [recordContext.ContextType.LOCALIZATION]



        // expected log will list {“localization”:[“AU”]}

        // Delete record


            type : record.Type.EMPLOYEE,

            id: 1



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