Some common errors in netsuite CSV import

Some common errors in netsuite CSV import

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  • Some fields did not automatically map as expected

It is expected that the fields from the CSV file will automatically map with NetSuite fields but if the column headers of your file are different from the original column headers, it will not map.It should be the same to map automatically.

  • Multiple values found for a dropdown field that can only take one

Though the value does not contain pipeline character “|”, the Custom Delimiter for Multi-Select Values is set to “|”.

  • You do not have permissions to set a value for element

The field is read-only; An associated feature is disabled on CSV Import.

  • In Journal entry: Invalid entity reference key XXX for Currency X

These are the things to be considered to bypass the error:

Entity Record (Customer, Vendor, Employee, Another Name) should be currently active.

Check the entity record (Customer, Vendor, Employee, Other Name) and ensure that the value in the CSV File has the same format based on how it is listed in NetSuite.

  • In Journal entry: Invalid account reference key xx for subsidiary xx: The account which we are mentioning is not correct as it is not mapping with subsidiary
  • In Bills:

Line Id should be matched correctly to map the correct values in the line items.

  • Missing mandatory field: On of the most common error while importing when we missed any mandatory field.
  • In Journal Entries Error: Could not find record with ExternalId

The system usually throws out this error for CSV Imports with Data Handling set to “Update” and the External ID identified in the CSV Import is not yet saved in the system. 

  • When updating Customer Record via CSV Import, the user encounters an error: “Please enter value(s) for : Type”

Type refers to the Type field on Customer records where users are given two options: Company or Individual.

  • A saved search with the internal id xx does not exist

The error appears when either of the following conditions qualify:  the saved search is inactive or no longer exists or the saved search is set to private and the user running the CSV import does not belong to the search’s audience.

Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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