Suite Commerce Advanced 2020.2 (Series 1)

Suite Commerce Advanced 2020.2 (Series 1)

In latest release of Suite Commerce Advanced we will be discussing about the new features and the ways to customize the Advanced Site.

The SuiteCommerce Advanced is divided in 3 components:

Core SCA :

The main components and models providing out of the box functionality to new users and developers. The Core SCA code is packed with all the available modules and there features. The core SCA developer tools let you customize the application from your local development

environment, then deploy your customized application to NetSuite or a local environment for testing. You can also create new features that extend the functionality of existing modules or create your own custom features in SuiteCommerce Advanced.


Theme is the Frontend Part Which holds the entire code of UI design. A theme is a special type of extension that affects a domain’s design and appearance (layouts and styles). Themes contain any number of HTML templates, Sass files, and other assets that are available as published themes (bundled into a single SuiteApp) or deployed to a NetSuite account by on-site theme developers. After downloading the theme developer tools and creating your developer environment, you are ready to create your own themes.

Extensions :

An custom functionality we develop in extension.Extensions introduce added functionality to a Commerce website through any number of JavaScript, SuiteScript, configuration JSON, and other files bundled into a single SuiteApp or deployed to a NetSuite account for later activation using the Manage Extensions wizard (included with the SuiteCommerce Extensions Management SuiteApp). One important benefit of extensions is that they allow non-technical users to extend and update their site by installing and activating any number of pre-developed features from a marketplace.

Commerce websites provide a fully functional application that you can use to implement your ecommercesolutions. Theme developers create HTML templates and Sass files as themes. The SuiteCommerce BaseTheme is an excellent place to start building a theme and is available as a SuiteApp. Extension developers create extensions to introduce functionality to a site. We will be continuing in next blog about development environment setup.

Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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