Suite Commerce Advanced Series #2

Suite Commerce Advanced Series #2

As this is a next blog from the previous series of netsuite solution provider, here we will introduce you about the different versions of Suite commerce advanced. Every year netsuite comes with new and potentially advanced changes in the suite commerce arena where they introduce new extension feature of tool to build a robust and automated content management system which is highly customizable and flexible as per the user’s choice. Being the netsuite solution provider we are here to clarify the differences if any in the various versions of SCA.

In NetSuite the ecommerce we have two different tyes of variations available first one is the native and old Site Builder and the another is SCA or SuiteCommerce Advanced. The Site Builder is older version and less likely to use among the netsuite solution providers. The suite commerce advanced contains large variety and stack of technology which are latest and easy to customize up to any extent. SCA consist of latest MVC (modle view controller) pattern in which the code is divided into set of modules.

The Suite Commerce was available in different versions from initial release there was pre-denai and main turning point from the success point of view from there every year we have many new feature stacking up.

Versions of netsuite SCA

Denali version ,mont blanc, Vinson , Elbrus ,Kilimanjarro and Aconcagua these all are based on the mountains name. Even every netsuite solution provider will suggest you to take up the latest version of SCA. Currently the naming convetion on mountain is no more now netsuite starts naming as per year as the latest one is 2019.2 release of suite commerce advanced with many new themes, extensions and automated features.

Suppose you are going to any netsuite solution provider they will suggest you the latest version and suppose you want to test it by your own they follow the below steps.

If you are using  SuiteCommerce Advanced (Aconcagua release and later)

Install Node.js : you can google it and install latest suggestion for the version of node

Install Gulp.js: You can open cmd and run gulp commands to install latest gulp

Set Up Theme Developer Tools: important for establishing themes.

Set Up Extension Developer Tools: for utilizing extension features

Core SuiteCommerce Advanced Developer Tools Set Up SCA 2019.1 for Theme and Extension Developer Tools (required for SCA 2019.1).

In the next series of blog we will see how to install and setup the development environment.

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