Things to understand before selecting ERP

Things to understand before selecting ERP

Hello folks here in the series if blog this time as a netsuite solution provider we come up with something basic but really important from the perspective of the clients. Sometime few netsuite solution providers do not give more emphasize on the clarity which is supposed to provided to the Clients to show them the pecularities and characteristics of different ERPs present in the ecosystem.

Now here come a question… Why its an important to tell the client about characteristics of differents ERPs even we are only netsuite solution provider?

Answer is to gain trust and confidance among clients we have to be crystal clear and without any biasing we have to suggest them the best available featurs. By telling them truth and insisting them for NetSuite support you can win trust and confidance that you can even create a better process by the power of NetSuite.

Now what are the most important things to cover during presentation of your proposal to the clients.

Aa far as our concern as a netsuite solution provider we mainly give emphasis to out of the box functionlity and the power of customization. Some points which we can take care while presenting to the clients :

  • Explain the power of Cloud based saas : The better the explaination of roots better the chance to go deep. So we have to assure that the client who is naive to technology must understand where they are investing and what kind of technology concepts are behind.
  • Explain the Scalability and flexibility of Cloud: We have to assure that the system is so scalable as on the basis of requirement we can increase and decrease the capacity of the system and we can adopt flexibility as per requirement.
  • Multitenancy: In a multi-tenant cloud system, users have individualized space for storing their projects and data. Each section of a cloud network with multi-tenant architecture includes complex permissions with the intention of allowing each user access to only their stored information along with security from other cloud tenants.

In netsuite we do not need to install any patch or piece of code for up-gradation as all the upgrade and release effect all the systems on the go.

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