Advanced options in Netsuite csv import

Advanced options in Netsuite csv import

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Overwrite Sublist

Your setting for the Overwrite Sublists option affects imports of sublist data when one of the following data handling option buttons is selected: Update, Add or Update. By default, the option is disabled.

  • Overwrite Sublists = True — If you enable the Overwrite Sublists option, the Import Assistant completely replaces all existing sublist values and replaces them with the CSV file sublist data. Be cautious in enabling the option, as all existing Sublist values are removed.
  • Overwrite Sublists = False — If you do not enable the Overwrite Sublists option, the effect varies according to whether the sublist import supports selective updates based on key field values.

For keyed sublists, if the Overwrite Sublists option is disabled, the Import Assistant:

  • Selectively updates existing sublist data with key field values that match CSV file sublist rows.
    • Adds CSV file sublist rows with key field values that do not match any values in existing rows as new sublist rows. (These rows represent new sublist key values, such as a new location or a new vendor.)

NetSuite recommends that you do not enable the Overwrite Sublists option for imports that include item pricing data or item demand plan imports. Enabling the option may result in errors when imported sublist data overwrites existing sublist values driven by body field values such as pricing schedule.

Prevent Duplicate

You can use the Prevent Duplicate Records option to block the import of records that appear to be duplicates. That is, when you select the option, the import of a record identified as a duplicate fails with an error reading “Duplicate record was detected.” Other records in the same CSV file will still be processed.


By default, a single thread is used to process an import job, and all CSV file rows are submitted in order. The Use Multi-Threading option for an import enables the use of multiple threads to process the job, to optimize for best performance. By default, this option is disabled.

Queues in Import

By default, every import job is assigned to queue 1. To spread import processing across multiple queues to improve performance, users can select other queues from 2 to 5.

Use Case

One of the use cases of Overwrite Sublist checkbox is when you want to import data for journal entries. As in Journal entries we don’t have option for mapping line id or line sequence number in that case we must map account, debit, credit or any other mandatory fields.

Complete deletion of sublist data currently is not supported. Existing sublist data can only be overwritten with new CSV file sublist data, not with an absence of CSV file sublist data. As in this case you also need to take care of the impact of the import if there is any miss or value is not mapped it will show up in the system information section.

In the next series of import we will talk about possible errors and their resolution.

Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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