Export saved search result into csv and save in file cabinet

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In this blog of smiling coders we will be talking about saved search,file object and its automation .  I Suppose you have a client asking for Exporting a saved search result and save it as CSV file to the File Cabinet that task we can automate via script.

 To get the value of each columns, resultObject.getValue(name: ‘value’) can be used where the internal id of the field is required. In this article, the internal ids … Read the rest

Some Useful Features of 2021.1

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In this blog we are sharing some important features which are introduced in latest release of netsuite.

Invoice Groups Feature Enhancements

There are two new enhancements to the Invoice Groups feature:

1) The Add to Group button appears on the invoice record when an invoice is eligible for grouping.

You can now add an invoice to an invoice group from the invoice record. If an invoice is eligible for

grouping, an Add to Group but… Read the rest

SuiteCommerce advanced 2020.2 (series 2)

In the previous blog of SuiteCommerce Advanced 2020.2 Series we talked about The basics of the new version which was introduced. In this we will talk little more into the deep of actual development.

In SCA we have theme and this time we spent more time in understanding theme. In SCA theme is something where we actually write out frontend code or you can say we utilize the existing theme to transform into our own … Read the rest

Suite Commerce Advanced 2020.2 (Series 1)

In latest release of Suite Commerce Advanced we will be discussing about the new features and the ways to customize the Advanced Site.

The SuiteCommerce Advanced is divided in 3 components:

Core SCA :

The main components and models providing out of the box functionality to new users and developers. The Core SCA code is packed with all the available modules and there features. The core SCA developer tools let you customize the application from … Read the rest

NetSuite Infra Security and data management.

Whenever we talk to new potential client for any ERP implementation , they always have a question and curiosity about Cloud Security. Cloud security and the reliability on SAAS is always a must ask questionnaire from the client and being a netsuite solution provider we have to be prepared for the suitable answer which give them confidence over technology and infrastructure both.

Talking about NetSuite:  NetSuite Provides Enterprise-Class Data Management, Security and Availability

As the … Read the rest

Record Catalog in NetSuite

In this tutorial of smiling coders we are going to show the Record Catalog which is release in new release of 2020.The Records Catalog is a contextual reference tool that describes the NetSuite model structure and behavior. This tool supports users in developing integrations, adopting new features, and learning about the NetSuite model. Within the Records Catalog, you can find information about the record types and fields available for specific NetSuite channels. This dynamic NetSuite … Read the rest

Inventory Adjustment In NetSuite

When you need to change your inventory records, two forms are available you can use to enter an adjustment, the Adjust Inventory form and the Adjust Inventory Worksheet. Although the names are similar, the function of these forms is different.

For example, if you enter each form with a quantity of +10 widgets, a basic summary of the difference is this:

The Adjust Inventory form is inclusive of the previous stock total.

The Adjust Inventory … Read the rest

NetSuite File Cabinet useful features

Account-Specific Domains Supported in File Cabinet

NetSuite 2020.2 supports account-specific domains in the File Cabinet. You should use account-specific domains in the File Cabinet instead of data center-specific URLs.

Previously, NetSuite domains were specific to the data center where your account was hosted. Links in the File Cabinet used these data center-specific domains. NetSuite domains are no longer specific to data centers. Instead, they are account-specific domains, which are domains specific to your account and … Read the rest

New Module ‘N/recordContext’ for Localization

In this tutorial we are going to share information about New module introduces in NetSuite. The N/recordContext module is introduced in NetSuite 2020.2. You can use this new method and enum to determine which country a script is using for execution. Use the N/recordContext Module to get all the available context types of the record, such as localization. The localization context type indicates which country a script is using for execution. You can also … Read the rest

Mass Update in NetSuite

In this tutorial of smiling coders we are looking into Mass update of netsuite. In this tutorial we are showing you how to update custom record using mass update. Then go to general update and select custom record which you already created. In my case I am updating Custom record name Training Po , after selecting Training PO a search like UI appears. In the Sub tab Mass Update fields we can select the field … Read the rest