NetSuite Governance Usage

NetSuite Governance Usage

In this NetSuite training as a NetSuite solution provider we are going to tell about how to optimize the performance of the NetSuite scripts and their execution, NetSuite has implemented a SuiteScript governance model based on usage units. If the number of allowable units is exceeded, the script execution is terminated. And That will help the netsuite solution provider to implement the better solution for their clients.

Usage units are tracked on two levels:

the script type level and the API level. Each script type can execute a system-defined number of units and each SuiteScript API can consume a system-defined number of usage units. you can reach netsuite solution provider for help…

As a netsuite Solution provider , SuiteScript thresholds are based on the volume of activity that a company’s users can manually generate. However, automated functions that generate excessive levels of activity may trigger metering of script execution

In this NetSuite training we put information of what netsuite has put internal mechanisms in place to detect “runaway scripts” that include infinite loops. When they are caught, the execution of these scripts is terminated and an SSS_INSTRUCTION_COUNT_EXCEEDED error message is thrown. If you receive this error, you should examine all of the execution loops in your script to ensure that they contain either a terminating condition or a condition that can be met.

                        Script                                                                                 Usage

Client Script 1000
User Event Script 1000
Suitelet 1000
SSP application 1000
Mass Update 1000
Portlet 1000
Workflow Action 1000
Restlet 5000
Scheduled script 10000

Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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