Record Catalog in NetSuite

Record Catalog in NetSuite

In this tutorial of smiling coders we are going to show the Record Catalog which is release in new release of 2020.The Records Catalog is a contextual reference tool that describes the NetSuite model structure and behavior. This tool supports users in developing integrations, adopting new features, and learning about the NetSuite model. Within the Records Catalog, you can find information about the record types and fields available for specific NetSuite channels. This dynamic NetSuite model reflects the customizations and features that are enabled in your account. In the 2020.2 release, the Records Catalog supports the SuiteScript Analytic API channel only. The Records Catalog is available in the NetSuite application, at Setup > Records Catalog.

Developers, administrators, and system users need to clearly understand the NetSuite model to achieve a particular task in NetSuite. The Records Catalog provides information about the records that can be used with different technologies, and provides general information such as record type name, record family, ID, and origin.

The list of record types provides available functionality, such as SuiteScript Analytic API. In the SuiteScript Analytic API information, you can find available fields for SuiteScript Analytic API, and available joins.

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In the available channels for a record type, you can find the SuiteScript Analytic API. The SuiteScript Analytic API includes data for creating constructed queries and SuiteQL queries using the SuiteScript N/query module.

Following information are present after selecting suitescript analytics api

Field ID – Field ID. To copy the field ID, click the Copy icon beside the field ID.

Name – Field name. To view field level help for a field, click the Information icon beside the field name

Column Type – JavaScript data type of the field. If a field cannot be used as a column, but only for ajoin, N/A (Only for join) is shown.

Join Type – Based on a join type, you need to use an appropriate API method.

Source / Target Record Type – Related record types. To copy the field ID, click the Copy icon beside the field ID. Click the Information icon to see join pairs for manual SuiteQL

Cardinality – Cardinality of join. The cardinality of a join between two tables is the numerical relationship between rows of one table and rows in the other. Common cardinalities include one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many.

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