SuiteCommerce Advanced series #3

SuiteCommerce Advanced series #3

As a NetSuite solution provider in this SCA blog we will come up with the idea of digging deep inside the technology stack of NetSuite Suite commerce. As you all know there are many NetSuite solution provider in the market everyone have different peculiarities we as a netsuite solution provider want to share insights to our customers which help them to undersatand the architecture and core technology frameworks involved in the NetSuite  SCA.

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The NetSuite implementation with SCA is very diverse and deep in terms of technical netsuite customization. To understand how JavaScript source files are organized in modules and how these modules work together to create the SCA website , we must understand the technologies over which it depends. To implement these technologies, SuiteCommerce uses several 3rd-party libraries that are widely used in eCommerce websites and apps.

Model View Controller (MVC) and Backbone.js

In SCA each module follows the MVC architectural pattern. One of the core principles of the MVC pattern is to separate the presentation layer (view) of an application from the data (model) used by the application. All interaction between views and models are handled by the controller. To implement the MVC pattern, SuiteCommerce Advanced uses the Backbone.js libraries. Backbone.js is an open source JavaScript library that provides a framework for developing web applications.

Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD)

To organize code into modules, SuiteCommerce Advanced implements another design pattern called Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD).


It uses the AMD API to asynchronously load modules within the application.

Logic-less Templates and Handlebars.js

SuiteCommerce Advanced uses the Handlebars.js library to implement templates and the template engine. One advantage of Handlebars.js is that it provides logic-less templates. This means that most of the business logic of the application is handled outside of the template

Model-View-Present (MVP) design paradigm prescribed by Backbone.js. implement some combination of the following: Routers,  Views,  Models and Collections.

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