Calling ClientScript from Suitelet

Suppose there is a scenario where we want to create a form and we want to perform some action on the client side as in UI of netsuite. So what a can do for the better netsuite customization that we tell you in this tutorial of as a netsuite solution provider.

In Simple words we have to write a suitelet which can call a client script on click of button and that button is in the netsuite suitelet form. In this netsuite training we will tell you step by step procedure.

We are considering this netsuite training for beginners:

Step 1: Define a function callclientscript() inside a client side script

Step 2: Deploy that script to record where you want the function to be executed.

Step 3: write Code Snippet: suitescript 1.0

          function clientscripttest()


             alert(“the function inside client script”);

             return true;


Step 4: Note of the ID of the Script  -> customscrip_xyz

Step 5: create a suitelet and define a function addButtontest() inside a suitelet.

Step 6 : call  form.setScript(‘customscript110’) inside the addButtontest () function

Step 7:  call form.addButton(‘custombutton’,’NetSuite Training’, ‘ clientscripttest ()’) inside the                 

          addButtontest () function, specifying clientscript() as your button script.

Code Snippet Example: suitelet

            function addButtontest (request,response)


               if (request.getMethod() == ‘GET’)


                          var form = nlapiCreateForm(‘Simple Form’);

                          var field = form.addField(‘textfield’,’text’,’Text’);

                          form.setScript(‘ customscrip_xyz ‘);

                          form.addButton(‘custombutton’,’Show Message’, ‘clientscript()’);





                          var html = ‘<html><body><h1>My new page</h1></body></html>’;



            }                Test  the above scripts and let us know f there is any question in Comments         

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