NetSuite Workflow series#2

If you did not visited Series#1 of workflow. I recommend you to click here. As a NetSuite solution provider this time we will give you reference of Scheduled workflow in the NetSuite. In this part of NetSuite training blog we are introducing how to initiate workflow. If your NetSuite implementation require complex scheduling.

In this NetSuite training blog the workflow runs on a recurring basis at defined time intervals or on a one-time basis at a specific day and time. The workflow runs against records that are returned as results of a selected saved search. As NetSuite Solution provider, we can create a workflow that runs every month and uses a saved search to find customers with at least one sales order, and sends the customer a welcome email.

For scheduled Workflow we must require saved search to add in Workflow as we at the scheduled time, NetSuite runs the saved search and initiates a workflow instance to run on each of the records in the search results.

NetSuite runs multiple workflows in parallel. Running in parallel benefits accounts that have multiple scheduled workflows that operate on large saved search result sets. Each workflow instance runs as an administrator and any system note displays “System” as the user name.

Only scheduled workflows with a release status of Released execute on a schedule. But, you can use testing mode to Execute now and test the functionality. Also, you cannot set a condition for the scheduled workflow initiation. All workflow initiation criteria must be specified when you create the saved search.

You can initiate another workflow from the Scheduled workflow. It’s Simple as calling a workflow from another workflow just by adding new action and initiate workflow and selects the workflow from the drop down list of available workflows.

Reference :, netsuite help  and netsuite guide.

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